Yoga for Martial Arts Practitioners-Part 2-

Yoga for Martial Arts Practitioners
The practice will focus on opening the hips and hamstrings in order to enable the martial arts practitioner to do high kicks without strain to the lower back and knees. Martial arts practitioners also need to be balanced to be stable on one leg while kicking so balance and core strength are also featured in the practice. Above all the martial arts practitioner needs to remain calm and clear thinking in stressful situations. Balances help with focus and concentration but we will also include some meditation is also included. More martial arts practitioners are now turning to meditation for the benefits of clarity of thought and being able to remain calm in stressful situations but it is not a ‘quick fix’. Practice regularly to receive the benefits. You might want to learn more about meditation on my blog (see link above) and please let me know how you get on.

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