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Summer Prairie Garden Tour – Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 780

See More Garden Goodies: – – – This summer prairie garden tour is the 4th in our seasonal tours of the prairies at the Redeemer United Church Of Christ in Sussex Wisconsin. We’ve had the distinct pleasure of having Nancy & Rick Vollbrecht take us on the fall and seed harvesting, winter & spring tours and now the summer tour where we get to see the prairie in all its glory. With over 40 different native varieties of healthy plants, this prairie continues to expand and surprise all of us as we find more native plants growing in places where they were never planted. The prairie is now expanding itself on its own. Today we will see many varieties including compass plants, false sunflowers, grey headed coneflowers, bergamot, weeping daisies, blue vervain, rosinweed, echinacea, butterfly weed, prairie dock, mullein, ironweed, culver’s root, rattlesnake master, penstemon, lead plant, common milkweed and invasive plants such as chickery, queens anne lace, thistles, knapweed, curly dock and a very invasive Butter & Egg plant. It truly has been a lush and beautiful year for this amazing prairie garden in Sussex, Wisconsin. We hope you’ll take time to visit it in person.

Mid July Garden Tour part 3 of 3 – Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 778

See More Garden Goodies: – – – We complete our Mid July Garden Tour part 3 looking at what’s growing along the west and south garden areas. We will visit the original garden area that started the approach to creating our eclectic experimental gardens over 25 years ago. So many areas have been created since them including our 3 stage waterfall, water lilies, tree peony nursery, garlic, container gardens, giant hibiscus, to installing more bee houses, encouraging mason and leaf cutter solitary bee population to reside in our gardens. We will end with a beautiful surprise from Lydia for our Free Book Library. Thanks Lydia and to all our viewers for sending us more great books for the library. It’s been a very successful and positive experience.

Mid July Garden Tour part 1 of 3 – Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 776

See More Garden Goodies: – – – Join us on our Mid July Garden Tour part 1 of 3 as we start in our newly built Liberty Garden with additional framing and deer netting, to what’s growing in our north garden areas, then moving on to our new perennial garden, replanted raspberry patch, blackberries, peonies, grapes and end along the iris bed on the Westside of our east driveway. We’ll update the growth of our tomatoes, stunted peppers, squash varieties and the Montauk daisies being propagated in last year’s square foot garden bed. There’s a lot to see so we decided we needed to create this July tour into three parts.

Airedale Garden – Alzheimer’s Society

Local communities in West and North Yorkshire have united to form the Airedale Social Movement, committed to finding ways to help keep people in care homes involved and active.
A group of residents from a care home within Yorkshire met with students from a local school, who have spent time improving the home’s garden.
They completed a Dementia Friends session to understand dementia further, and are looking to brighten up the gardens so they can be enjoyed by residents. The scheme has since helped create bonds between students and the residents. You can find out more about other community projects here:

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Who are we?

Alzheimer’s Society is the leading support and research charity for people with dementia, their families and carers.

What is dementia?

The term ‘dementia’ is used to describe the symptoms that occur when the brain is affected by specific diseases and conditions. Symptoms of dementia include loss of memory, confusion and problems with speech and understanding.

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If you have concerns about Alzheimer’s disease or about any other form of dementia, please contact the Alzheimer’s Society National Dementia Helpline on 0300 222 1122.

Alzheimer’s Society
Leading the fight against dementia

Free Book Library Update – Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 775

See More Garden Goodies: – – – We wanted to do a free book library update to thank our viewers for their sweet inscriptions and generous book donations. A special shout out goes to Diane from Mequon, Deezie from Connecticut, Dave from Canada, Rochelle from Kansas, Bob from Brookfield and all of our supportive neighborhood families who have take time to stop, read, visit, and go home with a great book. If you’d like to support our free book library simply Google the words “Wisconsin Garden” and look to the upper right of the search page for all our contact info. We’d love to meet you in person and invite you and your family to stop and visit whenever you’re in or near the greater Milwaukee-Brookfield area. We deeply appreciate you taking time to watch our Wisconsin Garden video blogs, leaving comments and questions, but most of all, for you kind and supportive comments.

Our Liberty Garden – Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 744

See More Garden Goodies: – – – In honor of the 4th of July, we dedicate our newly constructed 33” raised bed as Our Liberty Garden. Just like the diversity our of nation, diversity in seeds, plants and soil, in conjunction with clean water, growing a garden is truly a precious freedom we should never take for granted. Once our 33” raised bed structure was reconstructed, we brought in 7,300 pounds of soil and aged compost, along with several bags of peat moss, perlite and straw. Today we decided to begin our above ground eclectic experiment symbolically on the 4th of July to combine an exciting array of red, white and blue perennial potted plants a variety of flower seeds, with a couple of vegetables, pole and bush beans, carrots and asparagus. We are also testing the Bionic Hose to see if it lives up to its televised commercial. Now that this project took 5 days to complete, this afternoon both of our backs felt a painful twinge from all our hard work. So we think it must be time for some Sprecher Root Beer. So, wherever you live, from our Liberty Garden to yours, we wish you all a peaceful and bountiful harvest in every aspect of your life and family.

Garden Recycle Phase 2 – Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 733

See More Garden Goodies: – – – VIDEO DO-OVER – After 4 more days of sweat and aching muscles we’re finally finished with our Garden Recycle final phase 2, turning a neglected area into a functional 33” raised bed. We completed the “L” shaped structural framework and brought in 6,000 pounds of soil, 1,800 pounds of aged compost and manure, 17 bales of straw, 6 cubic yards of peat moss and 4 cubic yards of perlite. With a few bags left over we filled the structure and will till the soil and begin planting mid summer and fall crops. We look forward to gardening without having to constantly bend over and the perfect project for anyone with physical limitations. This project was well worth all the hard work, time and effort in reclaiming this once neglected area turning it into a beautiful garden space.

Garden Recycle Phase 1 – Wisconsin Garden Video Blog 772

See More Garden Goodies: – – – Phase 1 of our Garden Recycle video is about reclaiming a neglected garden area for decades. What once was a unique outdoor work table with a built-in table saw that has unfortunately turned into an eclectic storage area for a lot of odds and ends. Today we are starting the first phase of demolishing of the eye-sore area that will be recycled and transformed into a very usable 36” raised garden bed. Our first two trailer loads will be donated to Restore center, a great organization that recycles useable materials. Then we will begin tearing off all unwanted lumber and prepping the 4×4 posts for a new and exciting raised bed. This is also a perfect project for gardeners with limited mobility or for those who prefer not to constantly knell or bend over while gardening. Once the tear off is completed, we will wait until all the new Copper treated lumber, soil and compost is delivered by Marcel from Home Depot. We especially want to thank Marcel for all of his hard work in helping us position everything where needed. We know some viewer will wonder why we decided on 40 and 50 pound bags rather than ordering a truck load. This was simply as a matter of convenience for us since the weather forecasts rain for the next 7 days and temporarily stored it in our garage where we can access the soil as needed.

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